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Do what you do best! Martin Tunley has worked as an accountant with a huge company (you know the one) and he’s also worked in banking. After having children he decided to try his hand at running his own business in tourism and loved it. He loved it so much that he now has his own business helping other people to run their own businesses. Standing at 6’4” he makes it seem like the giant has come down from the beanstalk when he walks into your office, and maybe he has, to count your beans with you.

The Numbers and Beyond are based now in Perth, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, including aeroplanes, they work with people all across Australia. It’s both a passion and a calling to bring cloud technology into the offices of businesses everywhere, making all the numbers live and ensuring that each member of every team is working from the same page. The Numbers and Beyond will put you into the cloud for speedy bookkeeping, accurate payrolls, and smart systems, connecting you from all devices across all spheres.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring you the best in state-of-the-art technology, help you to use it and solve all the number issues in your business journey, one small step at a time.

Our values


Trust is so important in this business. We know how crucial the books are and understand that you are investing and trusting completely in our technology and our skills.


This space age technology is as beautiful as it is amazing.


Everyone loves to have fun. If earth is a spaceship orbiting the sun and we are the astronauts, let’s make it a memorable trip. Business is always better when you’re having fun.

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