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Effortless Bookkeeping


Dext (Receiptbank) makes your bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient

Dext Receipt Bank on Computer, Tablet and Smart Phone App



Dext Receiptbank on Smart Phone App

Submit on the go

Use Dext’s iPhone and Android apps to send receipts and invoices while you are out and about.

Dext Receiptbank Submit paper copies

Simplify expenses

Get a complete picture by adding your entire team, with different access levels, approvals and expense reports with different access levels, approvals, and expense reports.


automate Dext Receiptbank


Dext means there is more time for you! Create rules that tell Dext when and where to transfer information for transactions, suppliers and payment methods.

Paperless office with Dext Receiptbank

Paperless made easy

No more shoeboxes full of paper receipts. Snap your items with Receipt Bank’s app, email them, or upload receipts and invoices directly.


No More data entry with Dext Receiptbank

No more data entry

Dext’s technology quickly scans, extracts and organises key information for all invoices, receipts and utility bills.

Seamless Integration to Xero with Dext Receiptbank

Seamless integration

Link your preferred cloud accounting software to Dext (Receiptbank) with a few clicks. Bookkeeping has never been easier!



Interested in Dext (Receiptbank)?

We understand that the time you spend on your bookkeeping and expenses is better spent building your business. Contact us today. Based in Perth but we can implement this Dext throughout Australia. The Numbers & Beyond have clients using Dext in WA, Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory.

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