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The team at The Numbers and Beyond have a broad understanding of business and books. Martin has run his own company, travelled extensively, and been involved in businesses from not-for-profit to enormous profit. He is a bit different from most bookkeepers in that he is a Chartered Accountant so can speak on a one to one level with your accountant. He loves the ‘hands in the engine’ feeling that bookkeeping provides, focusing on what makes businesses tick.  Martin, Jasef and Annabel have been captured by the brilliance of cloud accounting since its inception and want to introduce you to it to make all of your numbers glow.

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Our clients are from many walks of life. If you would like to see a testimonial from one of our existing clients, we’re sure they would be happy to oblige.

3,2,1… we have lift off

After consultation with you, Martin and the team will get you up and running on Xero. They will introduce you to add-on apps and systems that streamline your business, maximising impact and minimising effort. These systems will save you time to do what you love most whether it’s looking through a telescope, taking longer over dinner or catching the surf, kids or dog.

“Houston, we don’t have a problem, we’ve got The Numbers and Beyond.”

We have lift off

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